Opportunities for Faculty Recognition

HMS Quad - 3

Harvard Medical School faculty members have a rich history of receiving distinguished prizes and election into honorary societies for groundbreaking biomedical research. The recognition bestowed upon HMS faculty show the top caliber of research that continues to occur at the school. The Distinguished Prizes website lists awards available for HMS faculty to be nominated.

The external distinguished prizes listed here are generally defined as awards that are unrestricted and reward individuals for work that has had significant impact on biomedical science. HMS offers this resource to assist faculty to identify and search for appropriate distinguished prizes and awards, to explain the nomination process for different classifications of awards, and to increase the number of Harvard Medical School faculty who are nominated for awards. Depending upon the prize, Harvard Medical School Faculty should follow the links below to understand the nomination process for different types of distinguished prizes.

In the case of limited submission or by invitation only awards where an institution can nominate only a specified number of individuals, an ad-hoc committee may be created by the Dean's office or appropriate departments to identify nominees.

Ad Hoc Committees for Basic Science Quad-based pre-clinical department may also be created to identify nominees to put forward election to the national academies or appropriate honorary societies.

For unlimited or open submission prizes, nominators do not need to go through the Dean's office to nominate; however if you need assistance, you should contact edward_cantonathms.harvard.edu (Edward Canton).

You can search the distinguished prize database by keyword, categories, deadline, or by search terms. Each prize lists its classification, contains a brief description of the prize including, link to the Prize website, and instructions for nominations.

If you have questions on distinguished prizes or the process to be a nominator or nominee, please contact edward_cantonathms.harvard.edu (Edward Canton) for information.