Ilse L Helmut Wachter Award

For exceptional scientific acheivements in all fields of medicine and is open to scinetists of all nationalities. Self-nominations are not accepted.Nominations must be in writing and include:

  • CV
  • List of most important publications
  • detailed report of the relevance of the scientific achievement

Nominations should be sent to:I & H Wachter Stiftung c/o Professor L. Huber, M.D. (Chairman) Rektorat, Innsbruck Medical University Christoph Probst-Platz A-6020 Innsbruck, Austria 

Prize Amount: 
15,000 Euros

In the case of unlimited submission prizes, nominators do not need to go through the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine's office. If nominators need assistance please contact Edward Canton(email link: in the Office for Research.