John P. McGovern Compleat Physician Award

The John P. McGovern Compleat Physician Award, established in 1993, is presented annually by the Houston Academy of Medicine in collaboration with the Harris County Medical Scoiety, to recognize a physician whose career has been founded on the Oslerian ideals of medical excellence, humane and ethical care, commitment to medical humanities and writing, research, and harmony between the academician and medical practitioner. These characteristics were exemplified by the life of Sir William Osler, who is revered world-wide as the "Father of Modern American Medicine." The Award seeks to identify and recognize multi-accomplished physicians who have enriched the field of medicine with excellence and humaneness. In particular, individuals are sought who are compassionate clinicians and devoted teachers. They also should have a strong familiarity with research but must have demonstrated a commitment to, and love of, the profession of medicine. By acknowledging such individuals, it is hoped others, especially early in their medical careers, will be inspired and encouraged to emulate the qualities being honored. Each year's honoree will receive a $5000 honorarium; a beautiful plaque featuring a specially cast medallion; and a trip to Houston to receive the award at our annual Installation of Officers Banquet, customarily held in late January.  

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In the case of unlimited submission prizes, nominators do not need to go through the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine's office. If nominators need assistance please contact Edward Canton(email link: in the Office for Research