Ho-Am Prize - Science

The Ho-Am Prize in Medicine is presented to individuals who, through outstanding accomplishments in basic, clinical and pharmaceutical areas of medicine, are leading the way in mankind's quest to conquer disease. The Ho-Am Prize in Science is presented to individuals who are leaders with have creative, outstanding research accomplishments in their respective basic sciences fields and who contribute to the advancement of civilization through such.Potential candidates for nomination for the Ho-Am Prize may be recommended by nominators selected by the Ho-Am Prize Committee or by other individuals who have specialized expertise in a field and who are recognized as being qualified to nominate (individuals may not self-nominate). In addition, candidates for nomination shall be from among the following:

  • Korean nationals at home and abroad, and ethnic Koreans regardless of their nationality
  • In Community Service, foreigners who contribute to the welfare of ethnic Koreans in Korea or abroad
  • Ethnic Koreans who conduct overseas activities for the benefit of others regardless of nationality.

The Ho-Am Prize is not awarded posthumously. The deadline for recommendations is November 30 of each calendar year.※ Nominators may recommend only one individual (or group) per category.     In addition, equally qualified candidates in one field may become co-nominees.Recommended Qualifications:Academics (The Ho-Am Prizes in Science, Engineering and Medicine)

  • Leaders in one’s respective field on the basis of clearly creative and investigative mentality, and accomplished pioneers in new fields
  • Verified scholastic completion and widely recognized accomplishments in respective field

Prize Amount: 
Nomination Deadline: 

In the case of unlimited submission prizes, nominators do not need to go through the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine's office. If nominators need assistance please contact Edward Canton(email link: edward_canton@hms.harvard.edu) in the Office for Research