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Title: AMA Foundation Excellence in Medicine Awards

Every year the AMA Foundation honors a select group of physicians and medical students who exemplify the medical profession's highest values: commitment to service, community involvement, altruism, leadership and dedication to patient care. The inspirational stories of these awardees demonstrate the enormous impact that one person can have in his or her community.

Nomination Deadline: 02/23/2018
Past Due Date:
Prize Amount: $2,500

Title: The Harvey Prize

The Harvey Prize rewards excellence by recognizing breakthroughs in science and technology. The monetary Prize is a banner of recognition for men and women who have truly contributed to the progress of humanity. No less, however, the Prize is a source of inspiration. Serving as stimulus, the award urges scientists and scholars forward to further accomplishment.

Nomination Deadline: 02/27/2018
Past Due Date:
Prize Amount: $75,000

Title: Federation of American Societies in Experiemental Biology Excellence in Science Award

The FASEB Excellence in Science Award is given in recognition of outstanding achievement by women in biological science.  The Excellence in Science Award is sponsored solely by FASEB to recognize outstanding achievement by women in biological science.  All women who are members of one or more of the societies of FASEB will be eligible for nomination. Nominations recognize a woman whose career achievements have contributed significantly to further our understanding of a particular discipline by excellence in research.

Nomination Deadline: 03/01/2018
Past Due Date:
Prize Amount: $10,000

Title: Albany Medical Center Prize in Medicine and Biomedical Research

The Albany Medical Center Prize has been created to provide national and international recognition to a physician, biomedical scientist, or group of physicians or scientists, who have made extraordinary and sustained leadership contributions to improving healthcare and patient care; or who have successfully pursued innovative biomedical research with demonstrated translational benefits applied to improved patient care.

Nomination Deadline: 03/16/2018
Past Due Date:
Prize Amount: $500,000

Title: Louis and Artur Lucian Award for Research in Circulatory Diseases

The Louis and Artur Lucian Award was established through a bequest to McGill University under the will of the late Olga Leibovici to honour the donor's two brothers, and was conferred for the first time in 1978. The Award is designed to honour outstanding research in the field of circulatory diseases by a scientific investigator or group of investigators whose contribution to knowledge in this field is deemed worthy of special recognition. As per the terms of the bequest, the work of the nominee must be current. The Louis and Artur Lucian Award consists of a $60,000 CDN prize to the recipient. It is hoped that through this Award, collaborative research in the field of circulatory diseases can be established between McGill and research centres elsewhere in Canada, the United States and other countries of the world. 

Nomination Deadline: 03/23/2018
Past Due Date:
Prize Amount: $60,000 CDN

Title: Switzer Prize

The Switzer Prize honors revolutionary discoveries in basic research in the biological and biomedical sciences and celebrates recent advances with the potential to inspire transformative breakthroughs in medicine.

Nomination Deadline: 03/30/2018
Past Due Date: 03/31/2017
Prize Amount: $25,000

Title: Jacob Heskel Gabbay Award in Biotechnology and Medicine

The Jacob Heskel Gabbay Award in Biotechnology and Medicine recognizes, as early as possible in their careers, scientists in academia, medicine, or industry whose work had outstanding scientific content and significant practical consequences in the biomedical sciences.

Nomination Deadline: 03/31/2018
Past Due Date:
Prize Amount: $15,000

Title: Rolf Luft Award

The Rolf Luft Award is given by Karolinska Institutet for outstanding scientific contribution in endocrinology and diabetes.The Rolf Luft Foundation for diabetes research invites nominations for the 2014 Rolf Luft Award in Endocrinology and Diabetes research. The Prize winner will receive a medal and a cash award. The Prize winner will also be invited to deliver a lecture on their research at the Karolinska Institutet.

Nomination Deadline: 03/31/2018
Past Due Date:
Prize Amount:

Title: AAMC Herbert W. Nickens Award

The award is given to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to promoting justice in medical education and health care equities for people in the United States.

Nomination Deadline: 04/06/2018
Past Due Date:
Prize Amount: $10,000

Title: AAMC Outstanding Community Service Award

The Spencer Foreman Award for Outstanding Community Service is presented annually to a member institution or organization with a longstanding, major institutional commitment to addressing community needs.

Nomination Deadline: 04/06/2018
Past Due Date:
Prize Amount: glass sculpture