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Title: AACR Awards

This award has been established by the American Association for Cancer Research and Eli Lilly and Company to acknowledge and catalyze the growing importance of interdisciplinary teams to the understanding of cancer and/or the translation of research discoveries into clinical cancer applications. Proactive interaction between academic and industry researchers is particularly crucial to continue progress and accelerate drug development.

Nomination Deadline: 09/01/2018
Past Due Date:
Prize Amount: Varies

Title: AAAS Philip Hauge Abelson Award

The American Association for the Advancement of Science invites nominations for the AAAS Philip Hauge Abelson Award. This annual award was established in 1985 by the AAAS Board of Directors and is presented at the AAAS Annual Meeting. A monetary prize of $5,000, a commemorative medallion, complimentary registration, and reimbursement for reasonable travel and hotel expenses to attend the AAAS Annual Meeting are given to the recipient.The Prize is awarded annually either to:

  • a public servant, in recognition of sustained exceptional contributions to advancing science, or
  • a scientist, whose career has been distinguished both for scientific achievement and for other notable services to the scientific community.

Nomination Deadline: 09/01/2018
Past Due Date:
Prize Amount: $5,000

Title: Lurie Prize in the Biomedical Sciences

The Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (FNIH) will present the sixth annual Lurie Prize, an award recognizing outstanding achievement by a promising young scientist in biomedical research.

Nomination Deadline: 09/14/2018
Past Due Date: 02/16/2018
Prize Amount: $100,000

Title: Wiley Prize in Biomedical Sciences

The Wiley Prize recognizes a specific contribution or series of contributions that demonstrate significant leadership in the development of research concepts or their clinical application. Particular emphasis is placed on research that champions novel approaches and challenges accepted thinking in the biomedical sciences.

Nomination Deadline: 09/28/2018
Past Due Date: 09/29/2017
Prize Amount: $35,000

Title: Protein Society Awards

The Protein Society Awards recognize excellence in the field of protein science and are presented to honor those with distinguished achievements in protein science, or who have made outstanding contributions in leadership, teaching and service. There are multiple awards

Nomination Deadline: 09/28/2018
Past Due Date: 09/29/2017
Prize Amount: plenary lecture

Title: Canada Gairdner Global Health Award

The Canada Gairdner Global Health Award is directed at health issues pertaining to developing countries. It recognizes those who have made major scientific advances in any one of four areas: basic science, clinical science, or population or environmental health. These advances must have made – or have potential to make – a significant impact on health outcomes in the developing world. Nominations for leadership and administration, however outstanding, do not fall within the parameters of this award. The long-term goal of this prize is to reward and stimulate members of the global scientific and medical community to undertake research that will lead to advances valuable to the health of nations. 

Nomination Deadline: 10/01/2018
Past Due Date: 10/02/2017
Prize Amount: $100,000 CDN

Title: Canada Gairdner Wightman Award

The annual award of $100,000 is given to a scientist who has demonstrated outstanding national leadership in medicine and medical science in Canada consistent with the purpose of Gairdner. It is given for:-leadership in a specific field of biomedical sciences (basic, clinical, population health) in Canada and/or original and sustained contributions to that field at an internationally recognized level.          -institutional academic and scientific leadership in Canada, leading to the establishment and development of biomedical research in Canada and internationally.

Nomination Deadline: 10/01/2018
Past Due Date: 10/02/2017
Prize Amount: $100,000 CDN

Title: Ross Prize in Molecular Medicine

The annual Ross Prize in Molecular Medicine is established in conjunction with the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research and Molecular Medicine. The winner will be an active investigator having produced innovative, paradigm-shifting research that is worthy of significant and broad attention in the field of molecular medicine. We expect this individual will continue to garner recognition in future years, and that their current accomplishments reflect a rapidly rising career trajectory of discovery and invention.

Nomination Deadline: 10/05/2018
Past Due Date: 10/06/2017
Prize Amount: $50,000

Title: Ho-Am Prize - Science

The Ho-Am Prize in Medicine is presented to individuals who, through outstanding accomplishments in basic, clinical and pharmaceutical areas of medicine, are leading the way in mankind's quest to conquer disease. The Ho-Am Prize in Science is presented to individuals who are leaders with have creative, outstanding research accomplishments in their respective basic sciences fields and who contribute to the advancement of civilization through such.Potential candidates for nomination for the Ho-Am Prize may be recommended by nominators selected by the Ho-Am Prize Committee or by other individuals who have specialized expertise in a field and who are recognized as being qualified to nominate (individuals may not self-nominate). In addition, candidates for nomination shall be from among the following:

  • Korean nationals at home and abroad, and ethnic Koreans regardless of their nationality
  • In Community Service, foreigners who contribute to the welfare of ethnic Koreans in Korea or abroad
  • Ethnic Koreans who conduct overseas activities for the benefit of others regardless of nationality.

The Ho-Am Prize is not awarded posthumously. The deadline for recommendations is November 30 of each calendar year.※ Nominators may recommend only one individual (or group) per category.     In addition, equally qualified candidates in one field may become co-nominees.Recommended Qualifications:Academics (The Ho-Am Prizes in Science, Engineering and Medicine)

  • Leaders in one’s respective field on the basis of clearly creative and investigative mentality, and accomplished pioneers in new fields
  • Verified scholastic completion and widely recognized accomplishments in respective field

Nomination Deadline: 10/01/2018
Past Due Date:
Prize Amount: $270,000

Title: AACR Award for Outstanding Achievement in Chemistry in Cancer Research

The award will be given for outstanding, novel and significant chemistry research, which has led to important contributions to the fields of basic cancer research, translational cancer research, cancer diagnosis, the prevention of cancer or the treatment of patients with cancer. Such research may include, but is not limited to, drug discovery and design; structural biology; proteomics, metabolomics and biological mass spectrometry; chemical aspects of carcinogenesis; imaging agents and radio therapeutics; and chemical biology.

Nomination Deadline: 10/01/2018
Past Due Date:
Prize Amount: $10,000